Michelin Guide for an (not so “open-stomached”) Asian stomach

So here is how I define my “not so open-stomached” asian stomach. If you think we have the same taste, then the list below might be a good reference. Otherwise, comments might not be accurate. HATE means restaurants who have unacceptable amount of these would automatically receive a “shit” rating. NOT OK means the restaurant will be down graded if these things present, but will not severely hurt their ratings if their other dishes are good enough! Number in the parentheses denotes my how many visits I have paid, either going solo or with friends. Restaurants denoted with (#) are the ones that I have only been there once. Restaurants denoted with (@) are the ones that I have been there at least 3 times.

* I HATE cold raw grass (i.e. Salad)
* I HATE cold meat (except fish, I love sashimi)
* I AM NOT OK with things being too sweet (i.e. cupcakes)
* I AM NOT OK with mixed extreme taste (i.e. spicy and sour / sour and bitter / spicy and bitter at the same time)

So far I have sampled Michelin rated restaurants majorly in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Japan. I have also tried a few during trips to London and Paris. Michelin Shanghai is a group of shitty eaters who do not deserve any trust in their reviews so they are completely excluded. I will write a separate blog for eating in Shanghai.

3 Star:

Heavenly: Mizai(1)

Excellent: Saison(2), Benu(>3)

Acceptable: Masa(2), Kanoyama(1), Eleven Madison Park(1)

Below Acceptable but No Strong Hate: Manresa(1), Quince(1), COI (2)

Shit: French Laundry(3), Atelier Crenn(3), Alinea, Per Se(1)

2 Star:

Heavenly: Lazy Bear(>3), Smyth(1), Ogata(2), Suzue(1),

Excellent: Acquerello(1), Oriole(1), Arcadia(1)

Acceptable: Californios(1), Commis(1)

Shit: Baume

1 Star:

Heavenly: Wakuriya(>5), Birdsong(1), Kyo Ya(1)

Excellent: Statebird Provisions(>5), Hashiri(1), Keiko a Nob Hill(2), Kenzo(2), Parachute(1), Nakazawa(1)

Acceptable: Aster(1), In Situ(1), Adega(1), Mourad(2), Boka(1)

Shit: Nico(1), Omakase(2), Everest(1)