Current Ongoing

My CS 285 Notes (F2019) with Professor Sergey Levine.


Class notes

My Math 104 Notes (S2017) with Professor Ved Datar.

My Stat 210A Notes (F2017) with Professor Will Fithian (refining, temporarily unavailable).

My EE 221A Notes on definition (F2017) with Professor Claire Tomlin.

My Math 170 Notes (S2018) with Professor Lawrence C. Evans.

My EE 227B Notes (F2018) with Professor Laurent El Ghaoui and Professor Somayeh Sojoudi.

My Stat 210B Notes (S2019) with Professor Michael I. Jordan

(Please contact me directly to get a copy of this note. I will be happy to respond. I’m refining it right now.)

Fun and miscellaneous

My Michelin Guide for an (not so “open-stomached”) Asian stomach.

My Undergrad Berkeley Class Guide (Finished, Refining)