Welcome to my site.

TL; DR: Tom Hu = 0.5 Research + 0.2 games + 0.2 Food hunting and traveling + 0.05 Music + 0.05 Misc

I am a third year PhD student in interdepartmental group of biostatistics jointly under Department of Statistics and School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. I received my B.A. with honor in Statistics and Applied Mathematics also from Berkeley. I minored in computer science and Japanese. I am trilingual — fluent in Chinese and English, casual in Japanese.

I am broadly interested in data-based methods as well as model-based methods. My long-term goal is to bridge the gap between the two. Some specific research interest of mine includes deep learning, dynamical system, machine learning and optimization (alphabetical order).

Currently, I am working on 1). inconsistency between large-scale pharmacogenomics datasets and 2). multi-task learning 3). an extension to gene-fishing with Professor Haiyan Huang. My “unofficial advisor” is Darren Lin. Some other undergoing projects span NLP, optimization, and reinforcement learning on playing Mahjong. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in any of them and maybe we can forge collaborations.

All my class notes and research notes can be found under “resources” tab. If you find any of them useful, please consider helping a nerd struggling in poverty complete his book wishlist.


My non-academic interest includes music, video and mobile games, traveling, (limited) outdoors, writing novels and checking out great restaurants, below are some details regarding these:

  • My favorite music genres are folk and indie.  My favorite artists are Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine and Lana Del Rey.  I consider Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes as my life theme (you can tell from this website!)  I am also a big fan of Japanese indie singer Rurutia.
  • My favorite video game company is Nintendo; I own every Nintendo game console since N64. As for third-party companies, Bethesda and BioWare are my favorite, as Fallout 4 is the only Fallout game that I have not played for more than 50 hours.
  • I am also addicted to King of Honors (Wang Zhe Rong Yao). For now I am ranked as an honored master (highest ranking in the game) and have ranked top 10 nationally for AGuDuo (a jungler hero). My dianfeng score reached around 2500 for the past season thanks to 2-week quarantine in Hong Kong.
  • I have been to a lot of countries — most East/Southeast Asian, European, North American and Oceanian countries. I am a big fan of Chinese, Japanese and Scandinavian cultures. I was born and raised in China until 16. I have visited Japan more than five times and each time I stayed in a different region (Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu, Hokkaido and North, Shikoku). I have also stayed in Denmark for a whole summer break back in 2011.
  • I like to golf and ski although I kind of suck at both of them. The reason why I particularly appreciate California is that I can golf in the beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes and then drive all the way up to enjoy skiing in Tahoe. Sometimes I also buy random horse racing tickets or spend my lazy afternoon in a shooting range. I also go hunting like once per two years depends on if I get an invite from my friends, who are actually pretty good at it.
  • My first novel was published on a magazine back when I was a sixth grader in primary school, it was a short mysterious novel — the victim was my math teacher and the murderer was my PE teacher because I did not like them.  People call me a moving library of mysterious novels because I own a whole bookshelf of mysterious novels back in China.  Most of my novels are classified as mystery, though sometimes I write romantic and political novels too.
  • I love all kinds of foods, as far as they are delicious.  However I do have favorites:  I like Chinese, Japanese and American restaurants the best and French restaurants the least.  I have tried out most Chinese and Japanese places of the San Gabriel Valley area and the bay area.  As for other genres, I take the Michelin Guide as the Bible because I do not have that much stomach and I really trust them 🙂 I usually go out for Michelin investigations with my friends such as Andy, Brad, Ben and Hunter. Let me know if you want to join us.

The password to the novel page is my favorite boba flavor in English, which whoever interested should definitely know.